poetry by j matthew waters

partial recall

I receive emails from myself
little hints about what remains undone
yellow sticky note reminders
what calls to return
colors needing washing
wrist watch in need of repair
gas running low
milk soon expiring
jeans day is friday
remember the alamo
it happened somewhere down south
somewhere in texas I do believe

you remind yourself to google it
continuously remind yourself
to expand your mind
lest it begin to shrink
(quite unlike the universe)
until one day you awaken
and see yourself in the mirror
barcode tattooed on your forehead
data represented by varying
widths and spacings of parallel lines
its contents containing
every single memory worth recalling

march two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “partial recall

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  2. I’m a post-it person, too.

  3. the blasted mirror where we can see everything but the use by date….

  4. starts out funny, ends up jarring. great.

  5. Shawna on said:

    This is so scary. The first several lines have me thinking the speaker has a personality disorder and has to write everything down to stay on top of it all. By the end, it’s kind of a Memento/Bourne type of scenario.

    The “remember the Alamo” line was my favorite detail.

    Very cool storytelling … unfortunately a little too plausible.

  6. Just wow, the end hit me hard. Great post!

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