poetry by j matthew waters

futuristic problem solving

so here we go again
casting judgment left and right
makes me wonder what they
did in the old days
before the world wasn’t quite so small

I suppose there was letter writing
love letters and
hate letters
and letters to the editor
want ads and personal ads
blind box ads
desperate pleas by the lonely
and the secretly insane

on the fourth of july
we decked out our stingrays with
reds and whites and blues
playing cards clothespinned on
bicycle wheels
charcoal snakes well lit and
crawling expandingly on cement blocks

it’s nineteen seventy something
and I’m contemplating my first shave
daydreaming about that first kiss
and wondering when oh when
next time it may take place

on television it was brilliantly violent
both abroad and at home
vietnam war and frequent assassinations
watergate and race riots
regime change and constant intolerance

fast forward to this aging poet
reminiscing and prognosticating
looking forward and back
and forward again
children self-patrolling hallways
like helmeted robots
fully armed
escorting opportunistic problem solvers
from one classroom
to the next

march two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “futuristic problem solving

  1. Seems like evolution — so well said

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