poetry by j matthew waters

the spirit winter

waning crescent moves ever closer
to the morning light
unnoticed by most and understood by few
much like how autumn closes in
chasing away lovely Indian summer days
leaving you questioning how on earth
to survive the inevitable

pine trees shake and sway
sometimes forgotten like afterthoughts
standing tall and welcoming many
taking the brunt of the storm gracefully
buttressing the old farmhouse
natural insulation free for the taking

inside and out fire burns day and night
evident by smokestacks
sending signals to other life forces
both here on earth
and many light years away

april two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “the spirit winter

  1. “unnoticed by most and understood by few.” I think this is the beauty of it. It isn’t for everybody.

  2. “taking the brunt of the storm gracefully” nice. love listening! 🙂

  3. Beautiful work! I enjoyed the audio very much!🌟

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