poetry by j matthew waters

beautiful is the grotesque

though I may change
I’m not giving up anything
with absolute certainty
those spots I’ve long been sporting
aren’t about to disappear anytime soon

sylvia wrote about limitations
about her beautiful grotesqueness
and though I stumbled upon her words
by sheer coincidence
I was sure they were my very own
long before I was ever born

all my life I’ve been chasing stars
and trailing the moon
imitating them to a fault
ever changing but always the same

april two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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21 thoughts on “beautiful is the grotesque

  1. Oh my gosh, I feel exactly the same way about Sylvia.

    Have you read her journals? They contain some of the best poetry I’ve ever read.

  2. Always good to feel like you have made a connection – like there is/ was a kindred spirit out there.

  3. beautiful grotesque= Flannery O’Connor. (love Sylvia too, and this poem)

  4. I cannot resist asking this….but should one consider you to be “Plathetic” *giggles*

  5. Beautiful and poignant poem, John, and I love Sylvia’s work, too…

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