poetry by j matthew waters

extraterrestrial intelligence

how are we to reconcile recent events
unable to come to terms why we
scratch and crawl and scratch again
expecting to find something brand new
instead uncovering oft told untruths

with shovel in hand it’s easier to go deeper
much further than digging like a dog
but what can there possibly be down below
that we don’t already know

dinosaur bones or diamonds from another world
mass graves from this past century
and the one before
from every century going back until kingdom come

instead of digging we learn to drill with precision
hitting veins of fools gold or liquid gold
eventually discovering wormholes
leading to china or another world altogether
places unfamiliar in a familiar way
leaving us wondering why on earth
we ever felt threatened in the first place

april two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “extraterrestrial intelligence

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  2. I woke from a dream that we all walked on the bones of everyone that had lived before – then I read your poem – must be something in the wind. Really like this, John

  3. Moz Loordes on said:

    Within… the intoxicating prey of the past
    and those Shades unformed waiting to energise ~
    the Pure desires of our hearts
    trampled in the hunt… Without

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