poetry by j matthew waters

it’s been so long since I’ve been away

all these songs (and poems I suppose)
about finding your way back home
ring true to the romantic
and those affected by wanderlust
long lost on some undisclosed journey
whether physically or metaphysically
meaningful adventures in search of
answers from far away places

oh how I’ve found you there so many times
my confidant or guru or lost lover
all challenging my desire to stretch my wings
feeding me science and music and philosophy
and the most poignant rhetorical questions
in the end always challenging me
to either continue on the journey
or somehow find my way back home

may two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all right reserved

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2 thoughts on “it’s been so long since I’ve been away

  1. Yes, this theoretical search for yourself–but it always turns out that you were always there. We’ve always had the answers, but we weren’t always ready to hear them. Amazing work.

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