poetry by j matthew waters

the artist and I

we will cross the river
the artist and I
and we will find a new outlet
to call our home
and we will sleep as one
falling in and out of
romantic daydreams
evening sun hiding her
eyes behind decorative fan
rising moon reaching out
to gently awaken us
so that we may create again

july two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “the artist and I

  1. now that’s what I call a poem! wow, superb.

  2. Shasta on said:

    You make me word-swoon.

    All my imaginings take this somewhere alternative — “River” by Bishop Briggs is one of my favorite songs, “outlet” makes me think of electricity, and “decorative fan” draws out the geisha. So I have quite an intriguing story conjured up in my head to go with your words. … Then “conjuring” makes me think of Skeleton Key and hoodoo. So this fig is rich and ripe for plucking, if you ask me.

    I love your writing, in other words.

  3. This is superb…loved it…

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