poetry by j matthew waters


remove yourself and retreat to that special place
where chains no longer bind you
free from fault and pleasantly surprised you’re still alive

worries are but worlds away
that smile inside you a constant reminder
there is work yet to be done

I pause and consider choices
I’ve made or not made in good conscience
and yet I’m still bleeding

I’m never quite sure which gods to believe in
whether they be friend or foe
forever knowing I’m just an anomaly in my own right

august two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “anomaly

  1. You’ve just made me realize what a fabulous name “Anomaly” would be. How amazing would that be, to be born into that gift, that expectation? Gorgeous. If I ever have another child, that’s what I’ll call her. In fact, maybe I’ll make that my name today …

  2. Beautiful and profound reflections.

  3. Introspective and somber, but also uplifting. Really enjoyable read.
    I would appreciate feedback on some of my work if you have time, thanks.

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