poetry by j matthew waters

single speed

mind may be racing
but heart is slowing down
counting days until
current surroundings
suddenly take a turn

she says come look
and see for yourself
sphere has but one speed
yet all inside her
tumbles chaotically

I believed her
like I believed in rain
softly falling
keeping me company
breathing on our own

august two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “single speed

  1. vintage jellies on said:

    One of your best, I think. The third stanza is gorgeous and so tender, but I’m also struck by the idea of a vehicle or a person or a celestial entity as an orb, moving at one regulated speed while the insides, the components, are going nuts, sort of short-circuiting, as in pressing forward with life despite suffering tragedy.

    So this is maybe about two people who are close friends. The girl is broken in some way and is set on staying single, but maybe you care enough about her to stay close without risking further destroying her. That’s what I see, anyway.

  2. the poem breathes its beauty.

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