poetry by j matthew waters

one man band on the run

I had crossed the line
the one that I was warned about
and away I went into the night

search lights were summoned hours later
but by that time
I was into the next county
well heeled and map in hand
determined to cross the river by daybreak

there were plenty of supporters
along the way
all wanting in on the action
a piece of clothing
a selfie at the c-store
fingerprints on an empty water bottle

by the time I reached colorado
the hurried pace had finally slowed down
and I became as high as the mountains
at least for a night
or two or three or four

once I had returned back to earth
I became convinced nobody was on my tail
except for a small clan of brown bears
I must have stirred awake with my
recently acquired kawasaki

august two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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