poetry by j matthew waters

another saturday night

don’t make me get up I yelled at the dog
(in my sleep) but it was too late

the sun had been down for god knows how long
and though I was close to REM sleep
the almighty stench abruptly woke me up

by the time I reached the kitchen
and turned on the light
the cat was meowing like a maniac
but I wasn’t sure if he was in or out

I walked to the back door
and he leapt at me from out of nowhere
shredding the back of my tee
making me nearly piss my pants

needless to say I (figuratively) kicked him
out into the night

I returned to the kitchen to clean things up
thereafter proceeding to cut up
the watermelon sitting on the counter
along with a few lemons and a dozen
or so freshly picked strawberries

it was still saturday night and since I was
wide awake with no place to go
I poured myself a beer and
retired to the next room
began trying my hand at poetry

september two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “another saturday night

  1. “Another Saturday night
    and I ain’t got nobody
    I got some money
    cause I just got paid…”

  2. This made me smile. Watermelon, poetry, and pets. Who needs a date? 😊

  3. a most excellent poem

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