poetry by j matthew waters

story of my life

up and down
and down and up
that’s the story of my life

what’s that noise
just outside the door
a bark
a meow
an unexpected package
a girl scout selling thin mints

doorbell rings
I get up and walk
through the kitchen
and family room
mumbling beneath my breath
this better be good
this better be good

door opens
nobody’s there
I look at my feet
no dog
no cat
no package
no cookie salesgirl

before closing door
I look all ways
up and down
and down and up
from side to side
straight forward and behind
shaking the cobwebs
out of my head
and gradually regressing
to my former state

october two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “story of my life

  1. I’m sure it was the cat messing with you! Haha, cute, enjoyed this one, John. 😊

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