poetry by j matthew waters

forever held in peace

what’s not said holds
more meaning
than any spoken word made in haste

how many times have you heard
it’s not what you said
but the way in which you said it

and what about those thoughts
left unsaid
do you know how they simply
go by the wayside
like acts of contrition
performed in private

it shouldn’t have to come to this
afraid to speak for fear
the moon will never weep again
afraid to sleep
for fear the sun may never rise

november two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “forever held in peace

  1. An excellent piece which hits on a universal truth. And what does happen to those unspoken thoughts? Do they, perhaps, lurk on street corners, waiting for someone to pick them and run with them?

  2. Anything said in haste should have less weight than the silence of thought…
    A question is often more important than an answer delivered in haste…

    But we all forget this

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