poetry by j matthew waters

finding myself millions of miles away

how often I look to the stars for answers
even as a child sitting on front porch step
sadly confused what had brought me forth
here in this house of merriment and madness

passage of time often blurries the obvious
blending permanence with imperfect escapism
scrapping together true change from within
hitching magic carpet ride to nearest galaxy

temporary visitations have become the norm
familiar faces nothing but a distant memory
could it be I long to return to the womb
desperately desiring to be born again

november two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “finding myself millions of miles away

  1. I also look towards the stars for answers. Beautiful poem my friend.

  2. Love this poem, especially the last line.

  3. Imagine the impact this has on me as I sit in the nursing home with my mom. She can’t move her body, and she can hardly speak at all.

    Very touching piece.

  4. I often feel this way. 💕

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