poetry by j matthew waters

sunset in my hometown

I’ve been receiving these calls
from faraway places
thanking me for my stay here
and wishing me sweet success

I’d not noticed those eyes before
rising from the east
but now I fear it may be too late
experimenting with their recreation
using charcoal or oil or water

after traveling so many miles
to get one more glimpse
of a past fraught with flaws
I foolishly think how I could
make amends with one last goodbye

now that time is no longer
of the essence
I draw the blinds to a room
forever etched in my waking dreams
reminding myself how I never
truly belonged here

december two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserve

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8 thoughts on “sunset in my hometown

  1. This is incredible poetry, John.

  2. It is incredible!

  3. nostalgic, so very good, I’m adrift.

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