poetry by j matthew waters

redundant by day and night

checking and rechecking for updates
going on twenty-four hours now
can’t seem to connect to the server
so I reboot and try again
reboot and try

in the background
memory reminds me lab work
is scheduled at eight a.m.
fasting time is twelve hours
but pints of ale in the fridge
keep calling my name
keep calling
my name

taking a break
I check my vital signs
blood pressure check
heart rate check
body fat better recheck
pop up window says
could lose a few pounds
lose a few pounds

this dog on my lap is dying
not enough room to be updated
not enough memory
not enough sleep
rustic technology rewiring my framework
keeping me up past midnight
rebooting and tipping tall boys
rebooting and tipping
tall boys

december two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserve

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3 thoughts on “redundant by day and night

  1. NotTheOneWhoLovedMe on said:

    Nice one. Can’t believe I missed so much on my break from WordPress.

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