poetry by j matthew waters

ghost town babylon

this town has no name
but somehow keeps growing
one tiny skyscraper at a time

word has it
this town is quickly resurfacing
coming back to life
after its decimation
many centuries before spaghetti westerns

people keep arriving here
in waves and droves
like magnets with no
particular place to go
kicking up dirt and looking
to settle old scores

they say a horse
can take you only so far
into the desert
but this town appears to be
disproving that notion

are the flowers truly
blossoming again
leading up to the outer edges of town
or are they simply allegorically illusory
like a mirage of tiny skyscrapers

december two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “ghost town babylon

  1. “many centuries before spaghetti westerns“-perfect!

  2. Al beat me to it–love the spaghetti westerns line!

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