poetry by j matthew waters

stealth maneuvers and vanishing moons

the moon is always there
whether you see her or not
whispering sweetly
when you’re fast asleep
or screaming relentlessly
when you can hardly breathe

sleet and rain join forces
pounding rooftops and
concrete sidewalks
tearing up the scenery
with ongoing ruthlessness
— but inside all is calm
fire burning slowly and barely
audible in the den as you
stride effortlessly from room to room
occasionally peering out
the octagon-shaped window

she is here inside this place
[you tell yourself] over and
over and over again
I know for a fact she is here
but the house is empty
[save yourself]
outside the sky is nonexistent
while inside all that remains is an image
running madly through your mind

february two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “stealth maneuvers and vanishing moons

  1. Love this one, nice to read you again 😉

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