poetry by j matthew waters

disproving a course of history

having grown tired of the same old
same old
I’ve gone searching for something new
some kind of different story
one that’s never been told

won’t you take my hand and go
searching with me
weaving through well worn
and not so much beaten paths
until at last

there is quiet resolution
to what’s transpired in the past
as if those imperfect moments
mattered not
as if those infrequent mistakes
have been laid to rest

february two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “disproving a course of history

  1. I like reading this as if it’s about Alexander Fleming. “Say mold, say mold.” He’s tired of the stagnancy of his present scientific studies — So, NO. Let’s make medicine with this, baby.

  2. Oh I do hope that the past mistakes are put to rest, for me; for my son.

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