poetry by j matthew waters

before you do

won’t you please
make another pot of tea
and stay with me awhile

we can try on
those thinking caps
the ones I told you about
last time you were here
the ones I bought at the
flea market back when
you were just a child

or we can dial up
another sci-fi movie and
marvel at the special effects
like we used to do
all the while sharing
some buttered popcorn
never saying a single word

but if you must move on
that much I understand
but won’t you please please please
start another pot for me
before you do

march two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “before you do

  1. A lil bit of spilled milk here John. Kind of sad.

  2. I like this poem, it feels familiar and real

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