poetry by j matthew waters

some kind of alien operation

the intensity is high in these
but I play it cool by taking drugs
designed to keep
my blood pressure in check

I’m not supposed to be here
I tell them
but they process me nonetheless
handing out one of those
restaurant beepers that flashes red
when my table is ready

the longer I’m here the more attention
I seem to get
and when I tell them a second time
there’s been a mistake
they chortle and nod and strap me in

april two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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13 thoughts on “some kind of alien operation

  1. Perfect while listening to J.S. Bach: The Violin Concertos

  2. your hospital visit is giving you nightmares….LOL

  3. scary. plus I hate those restaurant beepers. like wtf are those anyway?

  4. “but I play it cool by taking drugs” … lol; love that line break — also the word “chortle”

  5. Breathtaking! Loved it

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