poetry by j matthew waters

breaking my fast

it’s good friday
and I’m thinking of downsizing
yet again
sell the place as is
and buy something with just
enough room
to keep my thoughts
all to myself

of course I’d donate
a closet full of clothing
and sell most of the furnishings
giving a tenth
of the proceeds
to the immaculate conception
that inner city sanctuary
renown for feeding
the hungry
and saying mass in spanish
every day at noon

there are plenty of other
I’m in need of bearing
thinking they may
lighten my overall penance
but for the moment
I’m content staying put
resting my eyes and
breaking bread
come daylight

april two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “breaking my fast

  1. Beautiful poem🌺 just enough room to keep my thoughts… that’s a masterpiece 👍

  2. Too many crosses to bear…

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