poetry by j matthew waters

singing to the choir

press your ear
against the wall of shame
and tell me what you hear

father stopped
taking confessions at noon
so if you want to lighten
your load yet today
you’ll have to wait until
the wine has been blessed

in the courtyard
there is much chatter
in the fruit trees
but they’d be happy to
stop and listen
if you have something to say

a three legged cat
guards the perimeter
with quiet enthusiasm
while headless squirrels
and widowed cardinals
come and go at their leisure

may two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “singing to the choir

  1. Really delightful. I love the three legged cat 🙂

  2. jmbhatt on said:

    Repertoire of unsinned confession….

  3. Jonathan Roman on said:

    I’m partial to headless squirrels and widowed cardinals.

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