poetry by j matthew waters

coming back into the spiritual fold

why do I keep going back to the well
when I know the well is dry
what is it exactly I’m expecting
some sort of miracle
here at the eleventh hour
as if I deserve some sort of payback

I stopped saying my prayers
somewhere along the line
stopped worshiping in the traditional sense
thinking maybe it’s best
if I’m not seen hanging out
with all the other sinners

but lately I’ve been thinking
of unpacking my bags
of picking up speaking to god again

of course I know I’m fooling myself
thinking such foolish thoughts
knowing full well I’ve been
down this road before
the one in which I convince myself
this time things will be different

may two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “coming back into the spiritual fold

  1. So relatable. ❤️

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