poetry by j matthew waters

reworking old equations

we got a little cash
three-fifths of jack daniels
and a six pack of warm fat tire

we talk about the easy days
at the kitchen counter
dissing the left & right & mainstream
disclosing our opinions
aren’t necessarily our own

on the counter sit two boxes
one made of cardboard
the other one real pine
first one containing
a handful of colombians
the other filled with irregularly-
shaped caramel squares
wrapped inside wax paper

it was easier back in the day
discussing ‘girls in their summer
dresses’ and critiquing ‘hills like
white elephants’ in a nearby tavern
admitting how grand it would be
to one day write something original

ice cubes and rock glasses aplenty
[figuratively within arms reach]
we redirect our thoughts
figuring out how to divvy up the entire lot
before hailing an uber
back to campus town

july two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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