poetry by j matthew waters

inside my head

newly learned equations and nursery rhymes
running inside my head
up above shooting stars flash by
on a late summer night
sitting quietly on the front porch step
mother whispering this is
the perfect time to make a wish

first kiss and catcher in the rye
escaping out into the night
not a cloud in the sky
easily going back as far as we like
after all it’s inside my head
automatically recorded and easily
triggered for instant playback

random generators do not discriminate
bringing back to life the dead
reliving anything that once existed
charles lamb essays and red red roses
goldfinches and garter snakes
a baby’s cry or delightful laugh
residing comfortably inside my mind

october two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “inside my head

  1. Interesting capture of the travels inside one’s head. A tribute to our magnificent brains that scientists are still discovering new things about. 🙂

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