poetry by j matthew waters

what’s for supper

in the kitchen at 4:00 pm
mute the phone and turn on the radio
and the stove
there is work to be done

nowadays it takes twelve minutes
to get up the stairs
but only six to get down
thousands of thoughts per second
coming and going
whether replaying a distant past
or recreating a picture perfect future

always back in the kitchen by 4:00 pm
that is the mission at hand
as long as there is no nausea
nor getting stuck somewhere on the stairs
back in the kitchen where there is
constant happiness
browning away regrets
and tossing out sorrows
turning tears into olive oil
and nervous laughter into seasonings

from another room an unfamiliar voice
repeats a familiar question

november two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “what’s for supper

  1. Ah I love that despite all the things in the day that could go wrong, there’s a place to go to let it all go away.

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