poetry by j matthew waters

now that you’re gone that’s where I want to be

everything’s black and white
at least that’s what we thought
cut and dried with no ifs ands or buts
spring summer winter or fall
continually finding ourselves starting over
two plus two times two divided by two
always gets you back to the beginning

nobody remembers the very beginning
so many firsts certain to follow
a good cry and laughter and kiss goodnight
from swimming in amniotic waters
to crawling on all fours to walking upright
progressing from nipple to spoon to fork
turning mere pumpkins into jack o’lanterns

familiar voices keep whispering in my ear
asking where I’ll be without you
though I’ve no answer I imagine
you must be in the same boat
time and distance and outside forces
continually making higher waves
only temporarily keeping us separated

november two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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