poetry by j matthew waters

anarchists of any color

we didn’t come here to pick a fight
unfortunately so many have
so-called friends or enemies
of these disgruntled states
airing their grievances aggressively

be careful on any given street corner
you never know what you’ll get
short-sighted insurgents
casting their shadows at will
flexing muscles and clenching fists

we’re told to stay safe out there
but none of this is within our control
guardians of arsenals and ammunition
rubbing elbows with us commoners
as if we’re long lost friends

december two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “anarchists of any color

  1. KD Barker on said:

    Sage wisdom in your words. I say Thankee Sai.

    Be well, today and all days. ________________________________

  2. I had this conversation yesterday on the phone. Are you psychic?

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