poetry by j matthew waters

If I were to name the gods

I can’t see my own face but I’m sure
it’s a shade of rose-colored red
winter wind and powerless sun
making my blue eyes even bluer
my heavy heart undeterred

I cry for no reason and wipe away
the cold tears with my coat sleeve
walking toward the water calmly
discarding broken promises
replacing them with anticipation

If I were to name the gods of the sky
I would choose this place in time
where the river meets the moon
and I alone can touch the stars
by simply reaching out my hand

december two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “If I were to name the gods

  1. KD Barker on said:

    is the river malevolent?

    does the wind change or sigh?

    would a lifetime of bondage be preferable;

    or could you submit to your own demise?

    beyond the moon and stars we roam,

    across the ocean eyes

    we see, hear, and acknowledge

    all that we surmise

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