poetry by j matthew waters

party crashers and grave diggers

how are we to keep track
of lives lost to the night
didn’t I see you inspecting
tomatoes at the farmers market
some sundays ago
donning floppy hat and
full moon sunglasses
a giddyup in your step
and smile on your face

the city is slowly replacing
all the streetlamps downtown
as if there’s nothing
better to do with property taxes
or maybe it’s a grander scheme
to keep the citizenry distracted
from what’s really happening
all around us

I heard they said thirteen
hail marys in your honor
before mixing a bowl
of your favorite cherry red drink
singing and dancing well past sundown
the evening eventually coming
to a complete stop
after some purse thief made off
with your daughters’ identities

december two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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