poetry by j matthew waters

the gardens of babylon

as my memory fails me
I attempt to recapture
my chain of thought
especially concerning
what we’re fighting for

the gardens of babylon
belong to every man
woman and child
created by a power
mightier than any sword

yet destruction reigns
the gardens simmering
with smoke and fire
wiped out by a million
and one shooting stars

taking in my final breaths
I rejoice believing
the gardens of babylon
will return in all their glory
free from any threat of war

december two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “the gardens of babylon

  1. i do not know what to say about the humans who make decisions i have no power over.
    except of course i wish i could escape them.
    but we can’t.
    we live on a small planet.

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