poetry by j matthew waters

making arrangements

where you do you start when
there’s so much to be done

I didn’t get in the car today
it was the coldest day of the young year
I was thinking about yesterday
and those huddled in front of the library
at closing time
worn faces sharing a cigarette and
speaking fervently

in those few seconds as I drove by
I wondered what got them there
and where they would spend the night

yet again I digress in thought
while so many things need to be done
housekeeping issues I like to call them
mundane details needing to be sorted out
before making my next move

but for some reason I’m paralyzed
frozen in my tracks so to speak
staring out the back window
hoping to spot some sign of life

I glance at my phone on the counter
thinking I should call someone

january two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “making arrangements

  1. Love this, John

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