poetry by j matthew waters

one-way ticket

I don’t care where you’re from
we’re all temporarily visiting
foreigners in our own little world
or traveling extensively abroad

whether by land or sea or air
we’re randomly cast together
unchosen companions integrated
into an unlikely community
a single entity
be it aboard a bus or ship or plane

departures and arrivals taking place
morning noon and night
loved ones sitting next to strangers
sadistic gamblers laying odds
which ones make it home alive

january two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “one-way ticket

  1. You are right my friend. Tomorrow may not come, we must enjoy today. It is sad when we hear of the terrible incident of a plane being shot down. These people left many tears to be cry for them. Many sad hearts. I pray they found a better place.

  2. This poem has a great deal of depth and is philosophical

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