poetry by j matthew waters

burning out brightly

you can feel it
it’s called momentum
and it seems to be feeding off of you

every so often I find myself
learning something new
like casus belli or two half hitches
and suddenly I feel your momentum
beginning to build all over again
like a locomotive
barreling through the night sky
its single beam headlamp
like a supermoon cutting through clouds
neither near nor far all at the same time

it’s past midnight
and the stillness of the air awakens me
not the lonely cry of the wild
not the single lamppost burning

february two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “burning out brightly

  1. Probably unintentionally your poem reminded me of rock climbing at night..

  2. Powerful! I have missed some of your meaty posts but what I have read has contented me immensely. Excellent work, dear Matthew!

  3. The last stanza was brilliant…when you say the stillness of the air wakes you up…

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