poetry by j matthew waters

diary of a woman with wings

child of the southern sun
desires stir within
centuries pass
outer appearance changing
minute by minute
egg to feather to sparrow
sparrow to crow to raptor
circling and circling
even higher like an angel
ushering in the darkness
stars falling one after another
trillions of fireflies turn into lightning
piercing hidden clouds
and striking naked trees
rapturing the soil
fertilizing sterile seeds

march two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “diary of a woman with wings

  1. Brilliant, my friend.

  2. This swept me along deliriously. Nice!

  3. D.J.W. on said:

    I enjoyed the details displayed with the following lines:

    “egg to feather to sparrow
    sparrow to crow to raptor”

    I get such a strong image in my mind of evolution, in a sense, with how the outer appearance changes.

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