poetry by j matthew waters

born to be down

I lost sight of what I was going to say
my train of thought drifting aimlessly
unable to distinguish the difference
between forgiven & forgotten

the way invisible forces continually
remind us nobody is ever in charge
makes me smile & makes me sad
temporary eyelashes fluttering

I keep saying I was born to be down
though I don’t know what that means
something I imagined in a dream
or discovered over a lifetime

april two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “born to be down

  1. Excellent and poignant

  2. that train of thought is so powerful yet so easily derailed…
    and i dunno about born to be down though i guess some of us are more predisposed to it… could it be an innate quality?

  3. This is perfect. Great imagery and also, I say something quite similar for myself… so this makes perfect sense in my mind.

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