poetry by j matthew waters

gasping for air

her heart is racing
easily exceeding one hundred
beats per minute

she came in for a simple procedure
but we’re sending her off to emergency
to get her beating heart
under control

how many specialists does it take
how many second opinions
how many prescriptions

here try this & if that doesn’t work
we’ll give that a try
and if that doesn’t work
take two aspirins
& call me (maybe) in the morning

now she’s stuck in the middle
of the staircase (to heaven)
mostly because there’s no elevator
no contraption she can sit in
conveying her body
from one cloud to the next

in reality they were able
to stop the bleeding
finally took the thing out from her leg

but what about that beating heart
one hundred beats per minute & counting
I mean just how fast
is fast enough

may two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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