poetry by j matthew waters

the night the cow jumped over the moon

for whatever reason
she wore camouflage on saturdays
and leopard skin on sundays

for some unknown reason
I was not allowed to see her
but that never stopped me from trying

prairie creek flows from the beginning of time
all the way to the farmhouse
lone 2nd floor bedroom window
glowing like the waxing gibbous herself

I could find my way back home
with my eyes shut
the babbling & the rocks guiding me
every step of the way

one morning the farmhouse
was all but gone
shred to pieces and strewn across
the surrounding acres

blending beneath the surface
I swear I could hear people still breathing

may two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “the night the cow jumped over the moon

  1. Love your voice… the reading really lent itself to the poetry!

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