poetry by j matthew waters

tip-toeing through the tulips

trying something different
tuna on toast or blackened salmon
catfish from the mississippi

you wonder what else
is on the menu
perhaps something from the sky

the make-shift beach isn’t too far off
I imagine it’ll be jam-packed
due to the lock-down

it’s been a week or so since the last
loudspeaker messages
local birds looking a little less spooked

deviations are aplenty this day & age
it’s simply a matter of choosing
one over innumerable others

then there’s always a day-trip to illinois
visit a brewery & dispensary
back just in time for the setting sun

may two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “tip-toeing through the tulips

  1. Perfect words for these times, John. Take care, Lauren

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