poetry by j matthew waters

after the cities fall

listen to the music
it’s just about everywhere
whether piped in out of thin air
or playing loud & live
right in your own backyard

no matter the time of day
the music attracts
birds & bees & curiosity seekers
traveling distances near & far
to feel what you feel

nobody wants to leave
after all it’s the place to be
where the music never ends
and peace & harmony
has begun to take root

june two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “after the cities fall

  1. Today, as I often do, I surrendered to the music of the ocean waves surging and retreating against the shore, the birds, oh the birds!, in their marvelous song, the fuzzy bumblebees and flies and hornets as they move from dandelion to dandelion, the water cascading over the cliffs in drops and rivulets, the bald eagle… they all create a monstrous symphony every day… we only have to listen.

    I may have gotten carried away… but nature does that to me. And thank you for inspiring me today.

  2. This is beautiful, John, and conveys that music is universal and healing, especially in these uncertain times. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

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