poetry by j matthew waters

closer to the edge

it’s a dangerous place
a dozen hooded juveniles
snap snap snapping their fingers
on the tip of their toes
dancing choreographically

there’s a jungle within the city
progressing & diverging
adaptations taking place left & right
one band singing a capella
another all electrified

the alleys gather ashes
just as the moon gathers light
midnight winds introducing
unrequited winds
swirling & rising unobserved

hunger awakens the mind
whether at sunrise or high noon
invisible hands motioning
this way to the next show
desiring to audition you

september two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “closer to the edge

  1. great words for the city teeming with all of life

  2. This was lovely…especially liked the midnight winds introducing unrequited winds…nicely done

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