poetry by j matthew waters

a box of twenty-four

fresh as a new beginning
one sheet of paper & two sides
call them what you will
if anything they are possibilities

on the one side I put to work
a box of 24 crayolas
creating a world all unto my own
using blue violet for the wind
and apricot for the sun
shadowing my eyelids with dandelion
all the while eating mac & cheese

at the ripe young age of five or six
I’ve never considered the other side
something without color
no yellows or blues or reds
not a simple flower showing off
multiple shades of cerulean
properly supported by a forest green stem

at some point you flip to the B-side
a sea of off-whiteness washing over
a series of black speckles
just begging to be discovered

november two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “a box of twenty-four

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  2. We never know when the transition happens and when we flip to the B- side to discover things we have never noticed. Such a lovely poem.

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