poetry by j matthew waters

by way of transportation

the mind is able but the body disabled
what kind of drugs have they injected into me
what kind of dreams do they have in store

I’ve never been to los angeles
but I’ve been to san francisco
and there I was again
seventeen going on thirty
walking the streets at night
making friends with the cold pacific

they’re trying to wake me from the dream
thousand of hands tugging at my strings
time continuing to reverse some 12 days now

I hopped on a jet airliner
and made my way to clay county
via chicago midway
eventually self-quarantining
resting atop the ancient bluffs
overlooking the mississippi

the eagles soar high in rotating fashion
I close my eyes & will them nearer
as quiet as the sky they pass me by

november two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “by way of transportation

  1. Beautiful. We live in Claremont 30 minutes away from Los Angeles The weather is amazing ,,,.come on over .Best regards.

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