poetry by j matthew waters

hands free & still alive

mile marker twenty-three
oh how well I know the on-ramp
five minutes after quitting time

as I merge on you ask me
how it went last friday night
I say it was absolutely great
though I don’t recall much of it

the usual suspects weaving
in and out of four lanes
I don’t even notice that I notice
tail lights & license plates in my
line of vision
right foot pumping & pulling back
taking in every detail of your
road trip to Kalamazoo

I’ve got you speaking
right out of the bose speakers
your voice digitally enhanced
as I take the ess curve at
sixty-five miles per hour
staying side-by-side with those
to the right & to the left of me

at off-ramp number forty-five
we know the signal weakens
and so we let each other go
hoping to connect another time

december two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “hands free & still alive

  1. nice – takes us right there in the car with you

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