poetry by j matthew waters

the coffee shop

we heard the coffee shop in new bohemia
had some local beers on tap
so we went in to check it out

it was a damp morning
going on noon I suppose
and when we walked through the door
heads looked up
and eyes rolled

we shrugged our shoulders
and walked past the cashier
took a seat at the far end of the counter

this used to be a dog grooming place
and then a tavern I explained
and she nodded her head while reading
the menu on the chalkboard

the help never looked our way
and at one point
a busboy washed some cups & saucers
right in front of us

I imagined it would just be a matter of time
before someone approached us
to ask “what will it be”

we looked at each other
and then at the cashier
at each other
and then the cashier

meanwhile one customer after the next
approached the cashier
placed an order and made payment

behind our backs was a glass door
with a well lit exit sign above it

after six or seven minutes ticked by
we shrugged our shoulders
and haphazardly snuck out the back door

december two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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