poetry by j matthew waters

toast & tangerine tea for three

I forgot what I was going to say
but managed to call an audible
that nobody wanted to hear

there was nobody around
so it was one of those no harm
no foul kind of moments

there used to be a time
I was surrounded by loved ones
but for some reason
I’ve managed to outlive them all

I’ve been telling myself for years
that the violence will intensify
perhaps the reason why
I find myself lost inside this shell

though the body is breaking
the mind has called upon the soul
dialoguing behind closed doors

and at the break of dawn
when I rise what could be for the last time
I inquisitively ask are we still here

january two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “toast & tangerine tea for three

  1. Sentimental and well-written. Brings out a feeling of sadness.

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