poetry by j matthew waters

this is not the last goodbye

for some reason I’m reminded
to never say never
to the doctor or priest or police officer
to never say
I no longer want you in my life

there is trouble in the alley
you can tell by listening
who do I call
who do I call
[who do I call]

there is no reason in these rhymes
there is only heartache
a bullet through the sternum
I’m feeling somewhat unnatural
a steel barrel scratching my skull
asking me questions
stupid questions
trick questions
questions I can’t possibly answer

it’s too late
oh no it’s never too late
never too late not to comply
to look up at the sky & say look
I can see myself there
never too late to say
‘adios mis amigos adios’

april two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “this is not the last goodbye

  1. Never too late…

  2. Interesting poem. The audio is a nice addition.

  3. ‘There is no reason in these rhymes…only heartache….’ These words are going to be in my thoughts for sometime.

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