poetry by j matthew waters

third year spanish

there’s nothing to be concerned about
even though the concept of time
hangs in the balance
controlled by a committee of gods
who may or may not care

I’ve been practicing my prepositions
in case I get called upon
I tell everyone in the spanish class
me llamo juan
simply because I want to fit in

relearning all the greek gods
in a romantic language
is kind of a bucket list kind of thing
sitting uncomfortably in the back
counting all the bitcoin I’ve squandered

I was supposed to go out & play
but the gods now chatting with me
tell me it’s not a good idea
or at least I think that’s what
they’re trying to tell me

july two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “third year spanish

  1. Love how you wrote this! It’s very engaging and evocative.

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