poetry by j matthew waters

as dangerous can be

At least 150 killed in nationwide shootings this July 4th weekend
                                        New York Post Headline (5-Jul-2021)

something has always been stirring
in all territories in america

even before the signing
these lands were as dangerous
as dangerous can be
in constant motion from east to west

back to back national celebrations
only add to the anxiety
the killing machine incapable of pausing
well oiled well before
the first lynching
gangs as ubiquitous as interstate commerce
guns as common as salt & pepper

anything previously written
has become red-lined & dissected
a new focus on the intent
and the consequence
novel interpretations turning into
the latest conspiracy
an age-old melting pot
violently redefining itself

june two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “as dangerous can be

  1. God, this is just heartbreaking. The world is cruel, and history shows it throughout.

  2. A heartbreaking reality, John. “The killing machine incapable of pausing” stood out and so tragic.

  3. Hard to imagine the enormity of this, an indictment on the nation (who seem incapable of dealing with it). Where I live makes it easier for me to say this, different culture, attitudes, population size and the legislative will all play their part here, but where you are it seems difficult to move forward.

    • we’re a country born out of violence on a number of fronts ~ fast forward to today and you are absolutely correct the second amendment seems forever ingrained into our politics & our culture (or vice versa) ~ thank you for visiting & commenting on this piece

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